─── 2018
Wonderfruit is an annual arts, music and lifestyle festival that takes place in Pattaya, Thailand.
This whimsically tropical retreat attracts backpackers and expats alike. In this rebrand, I wanted to highlight sustainability; one of the festival’s value. Through natural materials, hand drawn imagery, and bright natural colors, I hope to create an atmosphere that is inviting, vibrant, and purposeful.
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Moss Graffiti

To promote the festival around the city, biodegraded-able graffiti grown from moss is applied to walls around populous parts of Thailand's city centers.

To align with the festival's carbon-negative ethos, moss is a natural material that naturally deteriorates after the festival is over.

Festival Pass Packets

All guests will receive a packet made of biodegradable seed paper that contains their RFID bracelet. There is additional information about downloading the festival app and instructions on how to turn seed paper into a healthy plant!

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