Instagram's 'Add Yours' Stickers

─── 2023
Instagram's new prompt stickers called "Add Yours prompts" encourages quick sharing and collaboration.
Tik tok has copied this feature! 👀

Teens feel that instagram has become too high pressured and is opting for apps that feel more lightweight and authentic like snapchat or Tik Tok.

In response, Meta put together a 0-1 team called the "Youth Experiences" team to build new features and identify and build innovative experiences that meet the evolving needs of teens.

Teen value 1


Teens value connection and collaboration over shared interests with friends or acquaintances, as it helped them build community IRL and evolve friendships.

Teen value 2

Self expression

Teens express themselves through labels, interests, or hobbies. Experimenting with these are crucial for discovering their sense of self and bonding with their peers

Teen value 3


Teens wanting to make new friends with others who share the same values, beliefs, and interests so they can be their true selves. But, starting interactions on IG felt risky and effortful.

The goal: Launch a feature that's lightweight and allows teens to authentically express themselves

Add Yours Stickers

Lightweight; only viewable in in story tray
Privacy minded by allowing users to pick and choose whose stories to view
Discover friend's stories that were added to the same sticker
Encourage engagement and interaction by prioritizing mutual’s stories

After launching this feature with a small number of users, we found that this had a positive effect on teen DAU(Daily Active Users) and MAU(Monthly Active Users).

Teens resonated with this concept so we added more entry points.

Within the creation flow in the camera is a natural place for users to discover this feature.
Notifications of trending prompts that friends have added to can encourage engagement.