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The Eclipse is a family heirloom that creates a lasting digital legacy for future generations. Through data mining, it sources pictures, text, and digital memories and stores them in both a cloud base service and a localized product for the home. Insuring security and full ownership over our memories and data. Its AI acts as an archival assistant, working with each member of the family to organize and curate a meaningful story of their lives. The Eclipse ensures that our essence and memories are preserved, viewable and can be passed on so family and future generations can catch a glimpse into what life was really like for the people who came before them.
This project was done in collaboration with Samuel Griffiths
My Roles
Interactive Design
User Interface
User Experience
Samuel's Roles
User Research
Industrial Design
User Experience

Current methods of preserving memories

Traditional Methods

Photo Albums, Scrapbooks, DVD's, home videos, etc

Cons to Traditional Methods

  • Physically takes up space
  • Susceptible to natural disasters / No back up
  • Takes time to create


Free and subscription Cloud based storage

Cons of Services

  • Lack of ownership of data
  • Data is subject to monitoring and unauthorized use
  • No back up

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, Twitter, etc.

Cons of Social Media

  • Public view = No authenticity
  • Privacy and access
  • Lack of ownership of data
  • Unpredictable life span

Our Current Tech

Old phones, smart phones, laptops, hard drives.

Cons to Current Tech

  • Planned obsolescence
  • Purely utilitarian
  • Passcode protection prevents conrtol of what can be shared

In summary, these current methods all possess these 7 pain points

Lack of Ownership
Lack of Accessibility
Lack of Assistance
Lack of Authenticity
Lack of Insurance
Lack of Presence
Lack of Sustainability

Who's Interested?

Millenials starting families

After marriage is a time when you really start making solidified plans for your life. This would make a great wedding gift.

When I was younger, around leaving college I didn’t really have the money or foresight to really invest or think about these things. So hopefully this device could recover that time”
Tiffany, 38,
Single mother to 2 girls

What features do they need?

Users wish to have integration and cross communication between devices. If there will be many devices in the home, they should work as one.

"When I have a bunch of family or friends over I want a Screen Share feature, something that transfers to TV viewing."
Hande & Tony, 34 and 34
Parents of a 2 year old

What does it need to look like?

Users don't want obtrusive tech objects in the home. It should look and feel familiar to what is already there but stand out with elegance.

“Not so much a piece of technology but more of a piece of art”
Kristen & Ryan, 30 and 30
Newly Weds
Users want something sleek and slim that will memorialize and protect their memories. Young families and couples in serious relationships have pivotal milestones that they want documented for themselves and future generations.
Dark Mode
Light Mode

Gravity Dish

The large presence serves to emphasize the gravitas of the Eclipse bowl. The eclipse bowl has weight, physically and sentimentally. It holds significance and your legacy; it is to be put back in a prominent place to be displayed. The gravity dish also serves as a charging dock for the Eclipse.

Eclipse Bowl

The bowl is a timeless object, familiar to the homes of all cultures. A bowl is something people gather around, it is filled, shared, passed on and has many stories to tell. The Eclipse bowl will tell the stories of you, your family, its origin, the legacies of those it is passed from.

Mini Dock

The mini dick is an additional induction charge station for smaller spaces in the home.

Access for Future Generations

Uploading a will, granting access to a lasting legacy for future generations to explore.

Physical Ownership

A localized server for the family. A digital legacy stored in a family heirloom. Technology we can proudly pass on.

An Archival Assistance

A personal archival assistant that works with each member of the family

Site Map

Home Screen

JoAnna accesses her profile through bio-metric recognition and is brought to her home screen.

Family Options

Touching the family icon pops up options to view and explore her Family Tree or Family photos. Family photos is a chronological feed of photos, events, and live updates that family and extended family can share with each other. JoAnna selects Family Tree

Family Tree

In the family tree JoAnna  can view the extent of her family. Seeing who came before and who she is related to. She can select a family member and view their shared profile. This access allows a glimpse into their bio, stories and any albums they are granted access to.

Photos Option

The photos icon allows Joanna to choose between viewing her orbit or stories. Stories are a collection of auto generated and editable slide shows that showcase her relationships, trips, and periods in her life. Joanna then selects orbit.


Here, Joanna can scroll through and view a photo stream of pictures and albums organized by year.


Joanna finds her favorite album: her son Liam's birthday. Here, she can look through photos, content, and explore related images and albums. JoAnna can edit and add content at any time. Here, she adds the tag Liam so she and her family can click to find other photos of Liam.